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The explosive growth of the Internet over the past several years has placed a significant strain on the legacy networks of businesses and service providers alike, exposing deficiencies in both performance and security. An MPLS/VPN system solves these issues by connecting all your locations together across a single, private network (T1 lineT3/DS3 or Metro Ethernet circuit), thus giving you high security, lightning fast speeds and the flexibility to build your network in any configuration you need, all without the needing to purchase a Frame Relay or ATM circuit.

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The power of MPLS is derived from the technology behind it. Data packets are moved swiftly and efficiently from point to point regardless of size, and since the data never leaves your network, MPLS is one of the fastest ways to move data available on the market today.

MPLS is highly scalable, extremely secure and delivers data with exceptionally low packet loss and latency. MPLS networks also enable the control of QoS (Quality of Service) for high bandwidth applications like VoIP and Video Conferencing and is more reliable and cost effective for businesses using a frame relay or ATM.  Another great benefit of MPLS is the built in failover MPLS provides.  Imagine you have two sites connected by MPLS and site A’s connection goes down. With MPLS, Site B’s connection is automatically directed to Site A – keeping your mission critical applications and communications online.

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