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Hosted PBX

Hosted VoIP (Hosted PBX/Virtual PBX)

The most cost effective VoIP solution for SMB’s can often be a Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX solution – especially when existing IP PBX (on premise) is end of life and a new IP PBX is on the table for purchase.  Hosted Solutions come with a variety of advantages over on premise, most notably the little or zero capex expense, turn key deployment, included support and maintenance and typically low or no cost usage built into the design (metered services can be available and should be looked at to determine cost effectiveness compared to unlimited).

Hosted PBX can be delivered over an existing internet connection or as part of a managed internet service (ex: T1 line,  T3/DS3 circuitMetro Ethernet).  The latter will be designed with QoS / MPLS which allows for the voice packets to be prioritized and/or stay on net from the handset all the way through the carrier switches and out to the PSTN.

Hosted PBX can be designed as a 1:1 call path model (most common) which essentially includes a line, DID and usage for every user.  For mid and upmarket companies with hundreds of thousands of users, some hosted providers can deliver hosted over a call path model, making the pricing very attractive for deployments where not all users are on the phones at the same time.

It’s important to note that depending on the number of VoIP users and data requirements, many businesses end up needing to increase bandwidth to accommodate the migration to VoIP or the addition of VoIP phones on your network.  Phones are typically leased w/ $1 buyouts after term (and we can often negotiate free phones) as part of the VoIP service so no capital outlay is required  – making the switch to VoIP even easier for the small and medium size business.  In a nutshell, Hosted VoIP is not only cost effective, but it’s also highly scalable, flexible and simple.  Three magical words when it comes to IT and Telecom!

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