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Get The Lowest Prices on SIP, PRI & Hosted Voice

Leverage the negotiating power of’s dozens of VoIP partners and save 30-60% on SIP, PRI & Hosted Voice.

The simple fact is, competition lowers prices.  Our direct relationships with dozens of VoIP providers including Shoretel, Broadview Networks, Vocal IP, and RingCentral, just to name a few, means you get the most competitive pricing on VoIP service for your business.  In fact, our strategic relationships can save you anywhere from 30-60%.

More about  VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  Basically, analog voice is converted into a digital signal and transmitted over the Internet instead of your telephone line.  Over the last few years, businesses have been rapidly migrating to VoIP for many reasons.  Yes, VoIP is substantially cheaper than traditional business phone service, but the real magic of VoIP lies in the cloud.  VoIP makes it possible to integrate and easily manage all forms of business communications – Voice calls, voicemail, fax, email, sms, and Instant Messaging.  VoIP also eliminates the need for an employee to be tethered to a desk and allows the employee to make and receive phone calls from any VoIP phone, even mobile phones – also known as Unified Communications.

Hosted VoIP (Hosted PBX/Virtual PBX)

The most cost effective VoIP solution for SMB’s is a Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX solution.  This solution calls for a special router to be connected to your data service ( ex: T1 line,  T3/DS3 circuitMetro Ethernet).  It’s important to note that depending on the number of VoIP users and data requirements, many businesses end up needing to increase bandwidth to accommodate the migration to VoIP or the addition of VoIP phones on your network.  If bandwidth is tight, you’ll also want to set up QoS (Quality of Service) so that voice calls are given priority over data to maintain call integrity.  Phones are typically leased (we can often negotiate free phones) as part of the VoIP service so no capital outlay is required – making the switch to VoIP even easier for the small and medium size business.  In a nutshell, Hosted VoIP is not only cost effective, but it’s also highly scalable, flexible and simple.  Three magical words when it comes to IT and Telecom!

On Premise IP PBX

For larger businesses, an On Premise IP PBX offers complete telephony over an IP data network.  An IP PBX is owned and operated by the business and are designed for for large businesses that require call control to remain within its corporate network.  This enterprise solutions offers large businesses advanced communication features, increased call control, the ability to scale their business quickly and easily – something that a traditional PBX does not provide.

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Whatever size your business, VoIP is becoming the industry standard when it comes to business telephony.  Make sure to contact us today for the latest VoIP promotions available in your area.  You’ll also get competitive, negotiated and unbiased pricing from VoIP providers in your area.  Call 1- 888-9-QUOTES (888-978-6837) or complete the short online quote request form on this page.

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